Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Stitched Bird

Well, this project will go a lot smoother next time!  
I had to make my own pattern... which means a lot of revising!  
I am still not 100% happy with it ... which means I have to make another one!

I want to start making some birds for my classroom and this project
only took a little bit of fabric.  I had some fabric samples recently 
given to me from a friend that I mentioned in a previous post (thanks, Leigh!).

Anyway, here are the pictures of the bird as it progressed.  

After I drew the pattern, I cut it out and then cut my material.  I used a simple stitch and sewed it
to look like it was "inside out" to give it a more vintage feel.

You can see in the next pictures that I cut the tail down significantly! 

And, here it is... finished in my crafting area! 

I have to admit that when I was in Adobe Photoshop, I played with the color.  
I am convinced that my next bird with have to be a black and 
white check.... what do you think?!?! 

I hope this inspires you to use a little creativity and a 
little bit of scrap material to make a cute project.

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Until next time, be blessed!

:-)  Tonya

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  1. I love your little bird. It is just too cute. Thanks for sharing at the All Star Block Party.


  2. I just wanted to let you know that I have featured your birds at the All Star Block Party Features.