Thursday, July 26, 2012

Decorate with Glassware

Okay, I have a small confession to make... I didn't realize how many passions I had 
about certain decorating elements until I began this blog!  I find myself admitting 
to my love of typography, my love of baskets, my love of Tim Holtz's line 
of elements and now I have a new confession!

I love glassware to display items of interest.  

There!  I said it.  Admitting it is the first step to recovery.... but, I'm not altogether sure that I want 
to recover... because it is fabulous and I don't think I need a glassware intervention.

So, due to my newfound discovery, I am going to post some of the 
ways that I incorporate glassware into my decor.  I hope you enjoy 
(maybe I can drag you onto the glassware boat with me!).

This is on a shelf in my living room.  It contains old photographs (Oh, my gosh!  Another passion!)
of my mom and her brother (my Uncle Tom) and her aunt.  I just love the edges of old photos.
I have placed keys, a ceramic ball, a ceramic knob with a clock face printed 
on it, old buttons, an old whistle, a few pretty marbles, some beads, a couple of 
key hole plates, etc. in the bottom.

I don't stop at the jars, I also like to use vases!

This is an old photo of my mother-in-law.  I love the old film 
canister sitting inside of the vase with the photograph.

Okay, here I mix my passion for decorating with glassware with my passion for typography!

I also like to use candle holders in unconventional ways to display..... you guessed it!
Old photographs!  This is a picture of my husband when he was a little boy, 
playing with his grandfather.  He treasures this photo and I thought it 
would be appropriate to display it so he could enjoy it everyday.

Speaking of candle holders, here is another display....

Here is a little secret... I have this displayed high enough that I can get 
away with it.  I couldn't get the photo to stand upright (I didn't want it leaning on 
the glass), so, I used a bit of mounting putty!
Works like a charm!

I could go on because I have several other "glass displays" in our home, 
but I want to stop at this last one because I really do love it.  Maybe it's the 
entire display with the frame and... (yet another passion that I have 
already admitted to you... clothespins... (I may need help!).  :-)

This sits on my bathroom counter in front of my mirror (although I didn't photograph 
it in front of the mirror, for obvious reasons).

Well,  I hope that this helped stir up some creativity with decorating with glassware.

Show off some of those precious items/photos that you have stored away!
Enjoy them everyday! 

Please leave me a comment to let me know what YOU display in glass containers or if you
have any ideas.  I would love to hear from you!

Until next time,

:-)  Tonya

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  1. Hi Tonya!
    Got the link to your blog over at The 36th Avenue. Love all your glass displays! Welcome to the blogging world and good luck on you new ventures!

    1. Thank you so much! I am really enjoying it. Blogs like yours are such an inspiration to me. :-)

  2. My favorite is the assortment of numbers in the vase. Terrific.