Friday, July 13, 2012

In the Meantime...

While I am preparing to work my magic on the Salvation Army finds, I wanted to post a few pictures of a project that I am particularly proud of.  First, I must admit that I love to decorate with bird elements.  So, I found a Krafty Block at my local craft store with a wide opening at the top (unlike the small hole that is usually found).  I decide to get creative!  Below are pictures of my "after" project...because when I created it, I wasn't doing my blog yet.

Okay, so you can see here that the size of the opening is well wide enough for me to "stuff" the inside of the block orderly.

I love to scrapbook and I have collected things I love (but don't quite have a purpose for right away)... so, I had the paper, the key, the ribbon with letters, the stamped fabric, etc.)  

I started out by finding a piece of scrapbook paper that I love and adhering it to the OUTSIDE back of the craft box.  I used Mod Podge.  Once the paper was positioned, I also used Mod Podge to seal it on.  
I also purchased some spanish moss from my local craft store and began adding it to the inside of the glass box.  I took a chipboard "D" (for my last name) and positioned it in the corner.  

I had to use a stick (really professional, I know) to help slide the stamped fabric into place.  Then I went to my back yard and gathered some thin twigs (we called them switches when I was growing up!) and twisted them together to form a makeshift nest.  I tied the alphabet ribbon around the twig and used wire to add a small button and a piece of bling (from when I make jewelry).  

I had scrapbooking letters and thought the Scrabble tile looking "T" would be perfect.  Oh, I love little clothespins, so I had to add that, too!  My key slid right into place and viola! 

Here is the finished product.  

A close up of the key and the Scrabble letter piece.  

....another close up.

I love the way it turned out.

Have a blessed day. 

:-)  Tonya

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