Monday, July 16, 2012

Game Themed Entryway

Whew! It has been a busy day!  I started trying to work on some of the Salvation Army finds, but I cannot locate a very special element that I want to add to one of the projects.  I finally had to set that idea to the side and work on something else (other than supper and cleaning house... which I am doing in between projects)!  So, I decided that I would show you some of my favorites as far as my own home decor goes.

Welcome to my hallway!   My family loves to laugh and play.  We have game night at least twice per month.  It is a great family bonding activity, so if you have teenagers or pre-teens, I would like to encourage you to break out your games (make sure they are games that they like) and enjoy family time.

I created this because .... well, because it keeps the games handy ... and because I love the way it looks.
I hope you enjoy it and get some ideas for yourself.  Let me know what you think!

In each of these old Ball jars, I have placed game pieces.  In one jar I have marbles, in another Scrabble pieces and in another chess pieces.  You can see the checker board standing up behind the jars.  I couldn't resist using Scrabble letters to spell out "Game Time".  There is also a minute timer, which is used in most games we play.  

I have to admit, I have a love for numbers and letters, so the Scrabble card lent itself well to my theme and the letter "D" was perfect!  We have 3 kids, so I chose the "3" Uno card (and yellow matched the best).
You can see the dominos laying on the table in front of the cards.

Of course, no game is complete without the tally.  Not that it matters to me, I am really not competitive!
The wire basket holds old pool balls that I found at an antique store and old wooden block letters.  Each of the blocks has our initial on it.  I love the number 7, so I had to get that pool ball!   My son was with me when I purchased them and he loves the number 14, so we got that one.  And the yellow ball was to bring the letter "H" out (otherwise, it would have been the only yellow element in the basket). 

I adore this glass "Tic-Tac-Toe" frame.  I have pictures of my husband and myself in the frame with cute little sayings.  Then I used the glass pieces, (the "X" and "O" 's) on a few pictures and leave the rest on the table to make it look like there is a game in progress!  

I used cute scrapbook paper with chipboard arrows pointing at the photos.

That's the top of the table.  The underneath of the table has a collection of games we love to play (with a few decorative items, like the old football and coach's whistle and the large wooden dice that my sister gave me for Christmas. 

Oh, I forgot to tell you about my old Backgammon set.  
I think it adds a nice touch with the case.

And... I love wire baskets (actually I love almost any kind of basket),
but this wire basket does a nice job of keeping the games organized 
and neat... and the basket looks nice, too. 

This is how it looks down the hall.

I love the pictures on the wall.  I especially love the Bingo card.  I put it
in an oval frame and the Bingo card is sideways.  At first I was going to 
hang it right side up, but it just looked good hanging sideways... kind of quirky!

I also, put one of my all time favorite quotes on the wall that I typed
onto pretty paper and framed.  The quote is by Shel Silverstein.  It is perfect for teaching 
your children that they can accomplish anything that they put their mind to doing.  

 I needed a piece that had typography on it.  I painted this myself
to match what I wanted.  It took a long time because I had to let layers dry in between painting.

It's not perfect, but it's what I wanted.

Finally, I put an old postcard and a skeleton key in a frame and placed it beside another quote that I framed, "Bless this home with laughter and love".  I thought that was quite appropriate! 

So, there it is.  A sneak peek into my home....down my hallway.

I hope you enjoyed it and got some ideas to use for yourself!

Until next time, be blessed!

:-)  Tonya

* P.S. - I linked this post up to Vintage Wanna Bee and Creations by Kara.

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