Monday, August 6, 2012

Painted Mason Jar Vase

House of HepworthsFirst, I have to tell you how {EXCITED} I am!  Two of my posts were featured 
this past week.... this was my first time being featured since I started this blog 3 weeks ago!

Now, it's time for today's post. .......

This project presents many opportunities!  

~ It can be a simple vase sitting alone (mine is on my bathroom countertop).
 ~ It could be used as table markers at a wedding (or party).  
~ It could be used as a centerpiece.
 ~  Etc. (Leave your comments and tell me what YOUR ideas are....)

 Let's get started on the pics and how I did it.

First, I made spaghetti!  :-)  LOL! 
I needed an empty Mason jar and this one looked good... so my family 
had to participate by eating spaghetti!  (Not a problem, I doctor the jar sauce 
up so much that you can't even tell it's from a jar!)

I took my cleaned jar and some white and silver spray paint with my "spray paint box"
and headed outside to give the jar a coat of silver paint.   

I turned the jar upside down before I sprayed it.  
After the silver paint dried, I sprayed it with white paint.

Once the white paint dried, I scratched the 
paint to rough it up and make it look old.  

I had a small problem, when I noticed the expiration 
date was showing.  I could have painted over it, but 
I like a challenge!  So I decided to bring this project 
to a whole other level.   

So..... I grabbed my twine, burlap, some acrylic paint, 
chalkboard paint, chalk and super glue.  (This is
why these supplies are pictured separately above).

After I wrapped the twine around the neck of the jar, I used 
super glue to adhere the twine to the burlap tag.
(Ya gotta love super glue!)

I am blessed to have a hydrangeas in my yard... (my favorite flower)!
So, I just went outside and cut some fresh flowers to display in the jar.

Here is a close up pic of the jar and the bottom of the burlap tag so
that you could see the color coming through the burlap.  It is subtle,
but you can still see it.  I think it adds a vintage, shabby chic feel to it.

My one hydrangea bush produces a variety of colors.
It is pretty {FABULOUS}
I chose different shades to display in this jar.

So, now it is YOUR turn to decide......

I hope this inspired you to recycle common items that you may have 
at your disposal and make them into beautiful items that you can
use to decorate with or maybe give away as a gift!

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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Until next time, be blessed!

:-)  Tonya

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    1. Thanks, Emily! I appreciate your invitation. I hopped over and joined your party! :-)

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    Oh, and I prefer the mixed versus the solid purple.

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