Friday, August 3, 2012

I've Redecorated!

Okay, so I've mentioned that I am new to blogging!  I am getting the hang of fixing this blog up
so that it looks pleasant and still has the concept that I am looking for.  I think that this new look 
is more pleasing to the eye.  Just wanted to let you all know that when you pull the blog up and
it looks different..... it's still the same blog.... it just had a facelift! 

1.) New Header
2.) New Grab My Button
3.) New Picture

My husband mentioned to me that I change the old photo and update it.... then today, my sister told me the same thing.  I am normally the person BEHIND the camera and that means that I don't have any good pics of myself.  I will have to work on that, but in the meantime, I have updated with a different picture.  Hopefully, this one is a little better and will hold until I do a better job.

I hope you enjoy it.

I have a post coming later tonight..... something I have done with a couple of frames!  

Here is a sneak peek!

Catch me later tonight!

Until then, be blessed...

:-)  Tonya


  1. Your new layout is fabulous, as well as your new picture! Good luck!!