Saturday, August 4, 2012

Numbered Frame Project

I wanted to do something with numbers, frames, burlap and Mod Podge, so...
 I gave myself a challenge to see what I could do and this is what I came up with.

This project is fairly easy, but it took quite a bit of drying time, so if you plan to do 
this project you will need to plan ahead.  Here are the pics and how the project came along.

Other than the supplies listed above, I used scrapbook paper, pages from my
hymnal, 2 frames (one smaller than the other)- I used a silver frame and a 
black frame, white spray paint, acrylic paints, twine, my trusty Tim Holtz 
embellishments, heavy duty crafting glue (E6000) and 
an exacto knife and self-healing cutting mat.

Take the back off of the largest frame.

While that is drying, I moved on to the spray painting.
Make sure you are in a ventilated area (like outside).

While that was drying, I starting tearing the papers that I wanted.
Torn edges give it a nicer look than cut edges.  For the layers that
I knew would be covered, there was no need to tear the pages, though.

This is the frame after all of the papers were Mod Podged on.

Believe it or not, even after this dried, my spray painted 
frame was STILL not dry!

I wanted it to have a shabby chic look, so I added paint.... but, I did not Mod Podge the
top layers because I wanted the paint to be able to stick to the paper.  In doing this, you will need to
work fast though... otherwise the paper will absorb the paint (giving you less time to work).

I added a cream color as the base and then applied some teal color streaks 
here and there.  I definitely wanted my numbers to show through, so I made sure 
that I worked quickly in the areas where the numbers were.  

I had a hymnal page number at the top of the frame that I wanted to 
show through and there was also the number 17 at the bottom.

You can see both of those here.

And of course I wanted my hymnal pages to show!

I made some outlines of the frame here and there with more acrylic paint.

Next, I had to layer some papers to create the center portion of the piece.
By this time, my (smaller) white frame was dry, so I brushed on an acrylic color that I liked.

Here it is stacked together and wrapped in twine. 

It is at this point that you may need to take the stand from the back of
your smaller frame so you can adhere it to the burlap (on the larger frame).

Add a "healthy portion" of E6000 or whatever your 
trusted heavy-duty crafting glue is.

Hold it down and let it dry. (Make sure the paint from the frame is 
completely dry before you do this, or it will make a mess)!  ;-)

Here it is sitting up... all finished!

Once you feel confident that it is dry and well adhered, hang it 
in your favorite spot on the wall and enjoy!

I hope this inspires you to challenge yourself to use materials that
you love, but may have stashed away!  Use what you love!

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Until next time, be blessed!

:-) Tonya


  1. Wow! This is so pretty! I love the paper you used and the frame is gorgeous! I always love to use Burlap as well. Thanks for sharing this project!

    Karen@Pocket Full of Pink

  2. Thanks so much! I appreciate your feedback. I visited your site and I am following your blog! :-)

  3. This does look like a bunch of work but it turned out so great! Nice job!!

    Jeannine @ The Concrete Cottage

    1. Jeannine - It was quite a bit of work, but it was therapeutic! Lol! I appreciate the compliment :-)

  4. Love that you layered the frames Tonya! It has a great vintage, worn feel to it - gorgeous!

  5. Love the frame. I'm going to try layering frames one of these days in the near future. I'm your newest follower. I hope you will follow me back at

    1. Thanks, Geri! I love new followers! I am also YOUR newest follower! :-)

  6. Wow - this is so cute! I have some old frames I've been waiting to use, this is great inspiration. I found you at Destination: Craft & I'm your newest follower :) Hope you will visit my blog at Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks, Michelle. I'm so glad this post inspired you! :-) I hopped over to your blog and now I am your newest follower! :-)

  8. Very cute! Great job. Thanks for sharing at the All Star Block Party.